Saturday, March 19, 2016

Discovering Mythras

I started this blog to share the rpg I wrote, Blood & Iron. I had spent countless hours working on my rpg heartbreaker when, towards the end of its writing, I became familiar with Cakebread & Walton's Renaissance and Mongoose's Legend rpgs. I liked what I saw, and even took inspiration from the way their skill systems worked. Still I cherished by homemade game, until I downloaded RuneQuest Essentials

After reading RuneQuest Essentials, I knew I had only been trying to reinvent a wheel that had already been perfected by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash. I soon scrapped Blood & Iron and adopted RuneQuest 6 (republished as Mythras) as my game of choice. RuneQuest's intuitive, rational mechanics have been designed to be flexibly applied to produce descriptive and believable results.

This blog will feature my houserules and unofficial additions to RuneQuest 6 / Mythras, and other rpg related commentary.

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  1. I just noticed you have my blog in your blog roll call, thanks man! Glad I rate. I've been running a Clockwork & Chivalry game for almost a year now. I will have to follow your exploits, but I cringe in redefining the rules set for the campaign.