Friday, May 18, 2018

Fantastic Friday - FH&W Houserules

Here are my Houserules (slight tweaks really), for Fantastic Heroes & Witchery.

Ability Scores
In addition to the six Ability scores in the Fantastic Heroes & Witchery rulebook, characters have a seventh Ability Score - Luck.

A character's Dexterity Modifier is applied to (i.e. subtracted from) his Initiative rolls, thus a bonus (positive) is subtracted and a penalty (negative) would be added.

Luck represents a character's fortune, and influences events beyond his control that affect him personally. Halfling characters receive a +1 bonus to their Luck rating.

Spending Luck - A PC may spend Luck points to increase the result of an attack roll, saving throw or skill check, allowing him to succeed where he would otherwise have failed.

Regaining Luck - PCs regain one point of Luck at the end of each adventure. Upon gaining an experience level, a PC regains a number of Luck Points equal to his Charisma Bonus + 1. Finally a PC may also regain Luck for performing acts of great heroism, at the GM's discretion.

Luck Check - Roll 1d20, if the result is equal to or below the PC's Luck score, he is successful. Luck Points cannot be spent to increase a character's chance of success on a Luck Check.

Luck Modifier - A character's Luck modifier is determined at character creation and does not change as a result of spending Luck. Roll 2d6 to determine what is modified by a character's Luck.

2d6 roll....Modified
2-3............Missile Attack Rolls
4-5............All Attack Rolls
6...............All Damage Rolls
7...............Melee Attack Rolls
8...............Armor Class
9...............All Saving Throws
10.............All Skill Checks
11.............All Attack & Damage Rolls
12.............Roll Twice

Improving Ability Scores
   Characters have a chance of increasing an Ability Score upon gaining a new level. Roll 3d6 and choose any single Ability Score with a lower value than the number rolled to raise by one point.
Hit Points 
Wound Hit Points
A beginning character has a minimum number of Wound Hit Points equal to one-third of his Constitution score.

Vitality Hit Points
Upon gaining a level, all of a character's Vitality Hit Points may be re-rolled. His new Vitality Hit Points will then be equal to this total, or his current maximum, whichever is greater.
Spell Preparation and Casting
Magicians must memorize spells in order to cast them, but the memorized spell is not "lost" when cast. The number of spells the caster may use per day is unchanged, rather each casting uses a "spell slot" of a particular spell level that represents the magical energy and force of will the caster must exert. The magician has a number of spell slots of a given level equal to the number of spells of that level he can memorize.

Example: A 2nd level Wizard may memorize two first level spells. He chooses to memorize the following spells - Burning Hands and Charm Person. The Wizard may cast Burning Hands twice, or Charm Person twice, or each spell once during the day.

Additionally, higher level spell slots may be used to cast lower level spells, though provides no benefit apart from increased versatility.

Example: The aforementioned Wizard is now 3rd level, allowing him to memorize and cast an additional second level spell. He memorizes Invisibility in addition to his usual repertoire. This allows him to either use his second-level spell slot to actually cast Invisibility, or to use it for an additional casting of Burning Hands or Charm Person.
Spellcasting in Armor
Magicians may cast spells while wearing armor in which they are proficient at no penalty. Spells cast in heavier armor suffer a chance of spell failure as noted in the armor's description.
Innate Detect Magic
Most magicians have an innate sensitivity to the presence of magical energies, and are able to sense magic within 30 feet. This otherwise functions as the spell "Detect Magic".
The following classes possess this ability - Draconic Sorceror, Fae-Mage, Forestal, Illusionist, Magic-User, Magic-Using Bard, Occultist, Psychic, Specialist Mage (all), War Mage (both), Warlock, Wise-Man, Wizard

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